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All work and no play... well, you know the drill

This was a really fun and challenging job to take on. Working on larger scale outdoor projects can be invigorating thanks to the heightened mental and physical challenges required. This one was no exception.

Analyzing the lay of the land became Job One. Its gentle slope would require some earth moving, and the matter of which direction to move it was of course determined by a number of other considerations:

  1. the desired angle to the sun
  2. the amount of sun exposure (there were some large shade trees in the vicinity)
  3. water drainage (nobody wants to play on a soggy court!)
  4. optimizing access to pathways, while minimizing impact on parking space and vehicular access

After several plans were drawn up, we narrowed our choices down to its final location along the left side of the driveway that wraps around the rear of the property, on the left edge of the parking area and just before the entrance to the vineyard.

I've got to say that I'm really happy with the result!

Click on any photo below to see a slideshow:

The plans are all drawn up and earth has been moved into place
With the grading done, it's time to lay down some crushed stone
Vertical supports for the cross beams going into place
The cross beams will one day be covered in grape vines
The finished project - now who wants to play?
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