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Bathroom Remodel with Travertine Tile

San Diego Bathroom Remodel with Travertine Tile Installation by Bob Peters

A classic subway tile look in non traditional tumbled travertine pairs nicely with a white hex tile floor that complements a 1947 bungalow in San Diego.

The original bathroom layout included tile only in the shower, with a linoleum floor that was peeling and cracking. In order to improve both the looks and functionality of this bathroom, I decided that tile all around was the way to go. Aside from its good looks and the infinite combinations possible with different patterns, colors, and finishes, tile is durable and easy to clean. Any bathroom remodel with travertine tile is going to deliver on all of the above while also providing an original look in any period home.

By the time I had I finished the floor and the walls this bathroom had been transformed back in time to something resembling its original glory. The handrails were installed over the tumbled travertine tile for an elderly person's safety in both the toilet and shower areas.

If you think you might want a bathroom remodel with travertine tile, please give me a call at (949) 202-6068 and let's talk!



Photos of the finished project:

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