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  • Bath Remodels

    I started remodeling bathrooms when I was an infant. My mother used to really get on my case for that! Now I know a little more about how to make your bathroom beautiful and functional, so no need to worry like mom did... Oh how times have changed!

  • Bathroom Remodel with Travertine Tile Installation

    Bathroom Remodel with Travertine Tile

    San Diego Bathroom Remodel with Travertine Tile Installation by Bob Peters

    A classic subway tile look in non traditional tumbled travertine pairs nicely with a white hex tile floor that complements a 1947 bungalow in San Diego.

  • Custom Plumbing and Drains

    From fixing an annoying leak to custom plumbing your new shower or spa, Bob's your guy. For more common issues such as clogged plumbing and the like, please contact the good people at Bill Howe Plumbing.

  • Kitchen Remodels

    I have remodeled many a kitchen in my day, and let me tell you, it's a piece of cake when you have as much experience as I do!